Me and my rock, Kyle

A little glimpse into me

Hi!  I'm Alison Pritchett and I'm a busy wife and mother (aren't we all busy moms?!?) currently working in Corporate America here to share a little of my life with you.  Being a woman is tough, being a mom is tough, working in Corporate America is tough.  I struggle each day in all of those areas, as we all do, but through this site I hope to build a sense of community, create a place to share lessons learned and empower other woman, in whatever season of life they are in.

I was recently at my monthly mom's group and was asked to introduce myself without using the terms wife, mother, or describing what I did for a living.  It was such an interesting request from our guest speaker and really caused me to pause and think.  How many times do you meet a woman, a mom especially, who introduces herself in those ways to seemingly let those things define her completely.  Sure they play a large part of the day to day, mold who you are, but what about those other things in your life that make you tick.  What is it you like to do outside of taking care of your family?  If you work - what do you want to spend that money on?  What is it that ignites passion in your soul?  What is it that recharges your batteries?  Understanding these things is so important, and is critical in my upcoming blog series - Why We Need to Stop Chasing Balance.

If nothing else, my goal is to introduce another perspective to you.  Give you one thing you might not have thought about before.  Give you one thing to try in your own life.  Or have a new appreciation regarding a topic that might allow you to grant another woman a little more grace.

I hope you'll join me on this journey of life, take some pearls to apply to your own life, and share your adventures with me!

With love,

Ali xo