This is me!  Hi, I'm Ali and I'm so glad you've joined me.  If you stick around, you'll probably learn a whole lot more about me than you ever wanted, but that's how I live.  I go deep.  Sometimes it makes people uncomfortable, sometimes I can be awkward, but that's me and we all have our things.  

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts while my dad was working on his residency, and we moved to Arizona when I was 4.  Arizona has been my home ever since and I've never ventured more than 20-30 minutes from the houses I grew up in.  I attended ASU (Go Devils!) earning my Bachelors in Accounting, and now reside in Chandler, AZ with my husband Kyle, my son Gage (7), my daughter Hudson (5), our two huge Saint Bernards Dozer & Diesel, and our pet turtle Jett.

I am here to be me.  Raw, Real, and Flawed.  I am a woman who appreciates others being real, the good and the bad.  I want my tribe to hold me when I cry, and celebrate with me in life's victories.  I always have appreciated women who can share their terrible day, to not only show others they are real people, but the community that is created in that moment is amazing.  That is when I see women at their most encouraging of each other, most forthcoming with their own flaws and faults, and it creates this special space where relationships are born and nurtured.  Women have a tendency to compete, to judge, (themselves and others - both are equally bad in my book), but this type of sharing becomes the forum that creates real relationships and deep conversations.

So, you should know I'm socially awkward.  I'm an introvert, but I've tested as an extravert at various points in my life, and those that know me best think of me as an extravert, but I'm an introvert.  I'm passionate.  I'm strong willed.  I'm opinionated.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and speak my mind.  I don't always do it eloquently, so I find myself in hot water more often than I'd like.  I've failed at many things in my life.  I've failed people in my life.  I live for intense conversations about dreams and fears and feelings and emotions.  I love being vulnerable (and feeling safe enough to be vulnerable)  I love other people opening up and being vulnerable.  That is where relationships grow.  I don't believe you do anybody any favors by pretending.  Just be you.  Let me do me, and you do you!